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Troubleshooting with SQL Database Repair Tool

Here are its simple steps which helps you to understand the steps How to Repair SQL Database and repair corrupt MDF file and recover deleted SQL table with SQL Database Recovery Software. Pursue these steps and successfully fix SQL error and restore SQL database.

Open SQL Database Repair Tool. Go to Start menu » Programs » SQL Recovery » SQL Database Repair Tool will exhibit the following screen

repair sql database

Hit Open option, to pick corrupted MDF file:

After select Corrupt MDF file click on Open button

Now select the Scan Mode and SQL Server Version

Click on NDF option to choose multiple NDF files.

Choose the location and import NDF files.

And then click on Recover option to start the scanning procedure

After that, if you want to save MDF file in .str format then click Yes otherwise hit No

Select the location for saving .str file

Software will exhibit repaired MDF file

Click on the Export Button

Then choose the Saving Option.

  • SQL Server Database:
    If you will select SQL Server database, then tool will save recovered MDF file in existing SQL Server database.
  • SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts:
    If users will choose this SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts option, then Tool will save all SQL scripts in a specific folder. At this users will need to select the tables, views procedure to be saved from the left-bottom pane and finally click on Export/Save button

After picking the saving options export the recovered SQL Server database.

Select a folder for save the .sql files

Export as SQL server compatible SQL script, after the completion of the recovery process, software will prompt users regarding the completion process as follows: