SQL Database Repair Tool - Quickly Repair MDF Files

SQL Database

There are only a few quick steps of MS SQL database repair process using SQL Recovery software that you can easily and quickly perform.


SQL Data Recovery software uses fast algorithms to facilitate quick database recovery. With the help of the software, you will be able to repair SQL database quickly and without compromising on the recovery results. SQL Recovery software is perhaps the only one that gives so much to the users – quick database recovery, user-friendly interface, great recovery results and a lot more at the price you cannot imagine. So, the question – "How to repair MDF file?" will never creep in your mind.

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Seven Quick Steps of SQL Suspect Database Repair

You simply have to follow the successive screen instructions that are themselves explanatory enough. The steps of the SQL database repair process using SQL Recovery tool are given in detail along with screenshots at How It Works page and they are also mentioned in the software user manual.

How to Repair SQL Database?

A quick glance at the steps:

  • Open SQL Database Recovery software
  • Select corrupt MDF file of SQL Server
  • Recover data from corrupted MDF file
  • Preview the contents of repaired MDF file
  • Save repaired SQL MDF  file
  • Choose a Saving Option
  • Export the repaired MDF file

Demo Version (FREE to Try) - Microsoft SQL Database Repair

Demo Version or the FREE SQL suspect database repair tool can be easily downloaded online. In just a few mouse clicks and zero payment, trial of SQL Recovery software will be in front of your eyes.


This Demo can perform the process of SQL database repair and it will also show you the preview of recovered items BUT you cannot save the recovered files using this version as the file saving option is restricted in the Demo. For saving the recovered SQL items, you must get the Full version.


SQL database Repair – Possible in Almost All Corruption Cases: You can repair corrupted MDF files using our software in almost all corruption cases like:


Virus attacks, Power failure, Media corruption, Bad sector in storage media, Software/hardware failure, Maximization of the storage space of SQL database etc.

Benefits at a Glance (Key Features)

With the help of this SQL suspect database repair software, you can


  • Recover corrupted databases, tables, triggers, stored procedures etc.
  • Repair checks, default values, rules, objects, and user defined data types.
  • Repair SQL express database quickly and recover database constraints and indexes.
  • Recover damaged primary keys, unique keys and foreign keys.
  • Save your data in an SQL script file or any existing SQL database.
  • Save with schema & data or only with schema – these are two saving options.
  • Save selected items or save ALL tables, stored procedures, views, triggers, rules etc.
  • Repair large sized databases quickly.
  • MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and also 2008 are supported.

Full Version (See the Recovered...Save the Recovered)

Using the Full licensed version of SQL Recovery, you can repair MDF files of corrupted SQL Server; recover data from those files; preview the contents of repaired files and then save the recovered SQL elements. Price is starting at ONLY $129 (Personal License).